Proprietary data and analytics

Karbone Research provides best-in-class analysis of the political economy of the energy transition. Leveraging in-house transactional expertise, the group provides spot and forward pricing data, economic and regulatory analysis, and quantitative market research. Our clients use Karbone’s proprietary research and data as a powerful tool to make informed investment decisions and navigate transactional market trends.

About Us

Karbone’s Market Research group provides a portfolio of data and analysis aiming to help our clients navigate complex decisions in the renewable energy and carbon marketplace.  We analyze and interpret ever-evolving regulatory regimes, tax incentive programs, supply and demand fundamentals, while factoring in empirical data from our active market participation. Through subscription distributions and customized deliverables, we offer our clients a rare glimpse into proprietary data and statistical analysis, tempered by the commercial reality of our daily work across the transactional markets.

Research Reports

Daily Pricing Sheets

Karbone Research provides daily pricing of various renewable energy and carbon commodities.  By monitoring transactions and liquidity in the marketplace, Karbone provides precise, reliable pricing for domestic and international RECs, Carbon, Renewable Fuels, and Power products.

Historical and Forward Pricing Curves

We provide Historical and Forward Pricing Curves for a variety of tenors ranging from 3 to 10+ years  across our coverage in RECs, Carbon, Power, and Renewable Fuels.

Market Research Briefs

Karbone Research provides regular updates and analysis of recent market pricing trends, pending regulatory changes, and trading activities. Through these periodic publications, our clients stay updated on cutting edge market drivers, pending legislative impacts, and new shifts in supply & demand dynamics.

Custom Research and Consulting

We provide in-depth and proprietary research in renewable energy, renewable fuel, and carbon markets. Building off a deep inventory of models and deliverables, our team is regularly commissioned to provide merchant commodity curve forecasts, valuation opinions, investment committee due diligence support, competitive intelligence, and deep-dive market research reports.

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